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My name is Bruce Prescott

  Over the past 20 years as a local home owner with a passion for quality home improvements, I've put years of time, effort and love into upgrading my own home. Being professionally trained as well as learning many processes as I went along has afforded my clients a professional project at truly competitive pricing.

The feedback I receive from my clients is that they've been very pleased with there laminate flooring, bathroom tile or decking installs. Its there ideas from beginning to end and addressing there needs and wants is my priority. I like to believe I bring integrity to my client’s projects. It’s not all about the billing but getting the project done professionally and to the clients needs and requirements. 

In my own home I've installed everything from Pergo flooring to refinishing existing oak flooring. I've replaced every window in my house with, not just inserts, but nailers. Nine windows and a sliding glass door and all look like they were original to the house. Not to mention the three new windows I've installed. Every door in the house now has a professional looking Oak door jam, Oak trimmed with re-skinned Oak doors. All built myself. I’m particularly proud of my living room with its coved ceiling and recessed center, recessed lighting, tile and oak trimmed fireplace.
            These were my dreams and visions. What are yours?
               I'd love to help you bring your projects to reality.

                              "What's your Idea?"
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Whats your idea?
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